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Campus Life Services is part of Plassey Campus Centre, the university company established in 1985 to develop and manage residential and communal facilities for the University of Limerick. Since then we have built 5 residential villages which are dotted across the campus and provide 2,500 rooms in purpose designed, attractive housing and ensuite apartment style complexes. We have also built the Student Centre, the social hub of the campus, 3 social club bar restaurants, 8 retail units, 3 communal halls and a contemplative space. In addition to projects which require our direct management, Plassey Campus Centre has provided the financial and legal management of all physical developments on the campus under the leadership of our development company, Plassey Campus Developments.

Our mission is to support the University by providing outstanding residential and communal facilities for the campus community and visitors to campus to ensure that all experience the best of ‘campus life’.

We aim to contribute to the student experience by providing student residents with a home from home where they will have the opportunity to enjoy the experience of university life to the full. We work to facilitate a superb communal services environment for all by providing social venues and a range of retail services which help to make the campus a great place to live and work. We also support  student scholarship by offering 10 annual accommodation bursaries to fund postgraduates and undergraduates  who require assistance to pursue their studies.

We actively promote the use of the campus facilities and services for conferences and events during the summer vacation from June to the end of August during which time we attract many international visitors and visitors from throughout Ireland to all sorts of meetings and events. This activity brings additional revenue to the region, helps us to maintain our fine campus and raises the profile of university’s academic research worldwide.

The campus is available for use in summer and is particularly suitable to association and charity meetings as well as offering a budget venue to business organisations for summer events. Within UL, we support our academic departments who invite and organise summer meetings and summer schools while we work closely with the university’s Sports Division to attract major sporting events and competitions. 

Campus Life Services aims to play a leading role in making University of Limerick the best ‘campus life’ experience for all.



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